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My father started as a businessman in 1973, importing raw materials from Europe to supply companies such as Nercy. He soon realized the high potential of the Iranian market and established Polyfiber in 1976. Our company has been growing significantly since then, with steadily increasing sales.  

A corporate goal set by customer needs  

Polyfiber has been the leading distributor of materials for reinforced plastics and composite products anufacturers in Iran for the past 33 years. The company’s main strategy is to provide outstanding services and to support customers after sales. We are known for innovation and developing new materials, that can customers enable, to use advanced processes, and as a result improve their production systems and produce high-quality products. Besides supplying raw materials such as polyester resins, glassfibre reinforcements, Polyfiber is now also active to supply related composite technology machinery. We also supply vacuum-bag and RTM manufacturing machinery and related accessories. Our range of products and services grows day by day, and currently covers every facet of FRPs, from basic technology to advanced materials and equipment.  

A long-term vision  

Our   Mission   is to supply raw materials, production machinery and offer & providing related training and consulting services to our customers in the Iranian FRP industry. Our   Vision   is to become a market and industry leader for the FRP business in Iran and the region by 2014. our   Strategy   is to delivering requested items at the identified time and the best total cost to our customers  


Mr Mehdi Dayani, founder of Polyfiber Co. , who is considered as a pioneer of composites in Iran, believes that tapping into new markets may be hard, but that staying in the market is a thousand times harder.

12 - FEB – 2008
The 3rd International Composites Exibition

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