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CAMELYAF Cam Elyaf Sanayii A.Åž.

Cam Elyaf Glass Fiber and U.Polyester Resin Products Our company ÅžiÅŸecam is one of the top industrial groups in Turkey with a turnover of 1.6 billion USD.
Our main business lines are production of chemicals, flat glass, glass tableware and packaging.
In Camelyaf Glassfiber range we are one of the top 5 producers in Europe our line of production covers chopped strands, multiend / single end roving, chopped strand mats, woven rovings etc .
We are also a leader in Polyester resins with our quality in product, service and consistency.
Having attained succesfull and rapid product development performance, Cam Elyaf put its products on the market as,
Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mats,
Glass Fiber Rovings,
Glass Fiber Chopped Strands,
Glass Fiber Woven Rovings,
Glass Fiber Combinations.
With these main product ranges, Cam Elyaf services construction, automotive, electronics industries, infrastructure, urban furniture, highway signs, marine&ship building, Sport/ leisure, household appliances, aircraft and space industry among others.
In order to meet the requirements of customers for new applications and better performance expectation,our product range was diversified with newly developed single end roving (WR5) for weaving applications and emulsion bonded mat (E MAT) for open moulding applications.

Cam Elyaf also produces U. Polyester Resins, Gelcoat and
Pigment Pastes in its premises.
Type of Resin Application
Ortophtalic General Purpose GRP Applications
Ortophtalic Casting Applications
Ortophtalic Panel Production
Ortophtalic SMC / BMC
Ortophtalic Acrylic backing applications
Isophtalic Pultrusion
Isophtalic Industrial applications
Ortophtalic Gelcoat
Isophtalic Gelcoat
Isophtalic NPG Gelcoat
Paste Gelcoat
For more details about our glass fiber and unsaturated
polyester products please visit:

Cam Elyaf Sanayii A.S.
Kocaeli / Turkey

Ms. Aylin Erenturk
Export Manager
Tel: +90 262 678 15 89

Mr. Cenk Akdogan
Sales Department
Tel: +90 262 678 15 93
Fax: +90 262 678 15 95

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