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Why Prodir ?

100% Swiss made

Prodir is a vertically integrated producer of promotional writing instruments, the only one producing 100% in Switzerland / Europe.

5000 Meters of quality writing experience for sustained promotion

We guarantee a minimum 5000 meters of smooth, quality writing. An average user writes 2 meters a day, providing each pen with a lifetime of 7 years ... with your customernulls logo. This not only makes sense economically, but also ecologically.

Quality pens

Pens are produced according to the highest standards. The pens are entirely free of scratches, marks or dust on delivery.

Quality print

Printing is performed on state of the art machines with utmost care given to customersnull logos and claims.

Quality jumbo refills

Our in-house know-how means writing excellence for you. Our sister company, PREMEC, produces inks and refills, and is the worldnulls largest manufacturer of ballpoint tips (25 million a day ) .

Skilled workforce

Corporate Social Responsibility is daily practice for us. Both in terms of production and ethics, we work according to Swiss standards, which are the most stringent in the world.

Environmentally friendly

Switzerland has the most rigorous environmental standards world-wide. But even more than that, it is quality that makes our products environmentally-friendly. Our writing instruments last up to 20 times longer than most others – which means that the "Ecological Footprint" is up to 20 times smaller than that of other manufacturers.

Safety first

Our writing instruments and their components have been tested and approved by SGS ( for Product and Child Safety.

Award winning design

Our writing instruments have been honoured internationally with numerous design awards. (Link Awards)

Attention to detail

All components have been designed to maximum thickness - the best way for the plastic to help the colours really shine.

Best regards

Sales Manager

Prodir SA

Zona Industriale 1/2

PO-Box 580

CH-6802 Rivera

Tel. +41 91 935 55 99
Fax. +41 91 935 56 53

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