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Hysek - Baselworld 2014 : Happy families | New replica watchesYou may not hear much about Hysek during the year, but it's most probably because the brand is busy working hard on all of its collections to introduce major changes to them all at each Baselworld.Alongside the Abyss chronograph, a 44 mm sports model, now available in new black and blue finishes , Hysek has been working on its complications. The firm carried off quite a feat last year by presenting several tourbillons �?and this escapement still tops the bill in 2014.The pink gold Furtif is one of the intriguing beneficiaries. Its flying tourbillon is certainly eye-catching, if only due to its unusual position at 11 o'clock. But not only that: the Furtif features thoroughly extraordinary architecture breitling replica swiss . It has a skeleton dial that does a double-act, also serving as an upper plate, and a combination of gold and grey in a hitherto unprecedented chromatic partition. Housed in a 51 mm high, sculpture-like titanium case, just eight of these assemblies will be made. Full Skeleton Furtif Tourbillon © Hysek Skeleton on requestAlongside it, the new IO is almost traditional by comparison �?almost, but not quite. After all, Hysek will never be a mainstream brand �?it's wildly independent, and proves it with each of its creations. The two new IO skeleton tourbillons feature the brand's generous49 mm diameter.Held in place by an arrangement of layered sapphire glasses, an ultra-minimalist caliber appears to float in space, with its component parts seemingly levitating in mid-air.Another particular feature is that each time the crown is rewound, the flange studded with 90 black diamonds comes to life, revolving round the movement. Two models will be on offer, eight timepieces being made for each in all, with two different levels of skeletonisation.Offering a full range of skeleton replica watches is also a first. These come in two different flavours: an ultra- minimalist version and a second, more elaborate version. "True replica watchmaking art and knowhow reside in minute details, where art and technical prowess meet to showcase a fine replica watchmaking timepiece. It's an extraordinary endeavour in which everything is taken to extremes," says Akram Aljord, CEO. Kilada Tourbillon and its sapphire dial © Hysek Sporting a black PVD treated case, the new 45 mm Verdict features a tourbillon that brings into play yet another transparent effect. This replica watch is decidedly more contemporary. The flying tourbillon is at 10 o'clock, on an opaque side of the dial. This may seem self-evident, but in fact it marks a contrast with the transparent right side: the latter reveals the manufacture's large date movement, with its two discs. 1, 5 and 7 are the only hour markers on the dial, emphasising the enigmatic character of this limited edition, comprising only eight replica watches.The last in the single-tourbillon model family is the Kilda, which has gone for a pink polished and brushed case, seemingly encompassed by a double micro-rotor. This arrangement is one of Hysek's hallmarks. The upper part of the dial is made of translucent sapphire, mirroring the style of the lower part Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Quartz Movement Black Dial Two Tone Case TAG1021 , where plain for all to see there is the flying tourbillon at 5 o'clock and one of the micro-rotors at 7 o'clock.Doubling upAs in 2013, Hysek has also demonstrated its technical expertise with new double tourbillon models. Once again the Verdict has been chosen for this, enlarged to 46 mm for the occasion. The replica watch features a date and micro-rotor on the dial. Hysek has again renewed its very atypical approach to replica watchmaking design by arranging these complications in a highly unusual manner: tourbillons at 5 and 7 o'clock, a micro-rotor in the favourite place at 10 o'clock, and the date at 1 o'clock. The sapphire dial with blue highlights forms a graceful and elegant backdrop. Success? Absolutely: this Verdict is consistent and harmonious, even with a layout that nobody is used to. A skeletonised version will also be on offer. Verdict 45 Tourbillon Black PVD © Hysek The aptly named Grande ClassiqueHysek is also presenting two new IOs that are the complete antithesis of previous creations �?featuring uncompromisingly timeless classicism. "The line draws direct inspiration from replica watchmaking traditions, with a return to sources and their replica watchmaking miniaturisations: historically, these focused above all on models displaying hours and minutes. The ‘apple' pomme hands of the IO Classiques embody this style," explains CEO Akram Aljord.The aptly named Grande Classique displays hours, minutes and date. The firm has decided that the replica watch should be slimline (8 mm), sober and in pink gold. Hysek has paid particular attention to the hands, the black lines of which match the alligator strap. There is also a 36 mm ladies' version featuring a flange and studded bezel, and powered by an automatic movement. IO Grande Classique © Hysek
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