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Roger Dubuis - The Movements | replica watch Reviews© Roger DubuisThey are among the most-decorated movements in the world, manifested by the revered Hallmark of Geneva. The requirements of the Hallmark are integrated into the early design stages of each movement to ensure absolute quality and prestige. From there, our designers allow their imaginations to take flight, mechanically and artistically. The legendary result: every movement is crafted with a specific replica watch casing in mind to ensure absolute integration of purpose, aesthetics, and spirit.Minute RepeaterThis exceptionally sophisticated complication is approached audaciously, always paired with other highly complex complications because greatness should be built upon. The results have, thus far, been extraordinary.The RD0829 calibre boasts much more than a minute repeater: it incorporates a flying tourbillon and an instantaneous perpetual calendar with in-line apertures and dual time zones. The RD08 calibre uses a double micro-rotor with both a minute repeater and a flying tourbillon . It is one of the rare automatic minute repeaters to feature a double micro-rotor in platinum, and it is the only one to be stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva. © Roger Dubuis Perpetual CalendarRoger Dubuis' various interpretations of the calendar are as creative as they are functional. Take the example of the RD821J calibre, a latest generation self-winding mechanical movement serving to display the day of the week and the month in two side-by-side apertures, along with the date, the moon phase and the leap year. And all this without any need for adjustment until the year 2100, regardless of the number of days in the month. © Roger Dubuis Flying TourbillonThe Manufacture Roger Dubuis is a tourbillon specialist that produces only flying tourbillons, the most sophisticated and fascinating version of this major complication. Witness the latest model powered by the RD580 flying tourbillon movement combined with a single-pusher chronograph featuring a platinum micro-rotor visible on the dial side. Keen to consistently push the limits of contemporary Haute Horlogerie, Roger Dubuis has also developed a flying tourbillon with differential (RD01).Among its vast range of tourbillon movements, the Manufacture also offers a self-winding flying tourbillon calibre with a micro-rotor that is visible on the dial side (RD520) and a flying tourbillon with an instantaneous large date (RD540). © Roger Dubuis SkeletonRoger Dubuis has contributed to the current enthusiasm for skeleton or openworked movements by applying entirely original principles to their design. Instead of hollowing out existing movements, the Manufacture specifically creates its skeleton movements for this purpose, an approach that enables it to offer skeleton movements crafted in a modern fashion and which are both lighter and bolder. © Roger Dubuis ChronographThe Manufacture offers three self-winding chronograph calibres with column wheel, the signature of the most sophisticated mechanisms: a self-winding chronograph with semi-instant 30-minute counter and tungsten micro-rotor (RD680), a chronograph with 45-minute counter (RD78) and its openworked variant equipped with a micro-rotor visible on the dial side (RD781). © Roger Dubuis World Time A sterling fusion of useful complication, ease of use, and excellent legibility, the exceptional world time calibre simultaneously displays data from three different time zones.The bold RD1448 mechanism gorgeously displays a second and third time zone at the 3:00 and 9:00 positions and also incorporates a day/night indicator. Each piece is completed with an automatic micro-rotor winding mechanism, bold contrasted colors submariner rolex price , and, of course, the Hallmark of Geneva stamp of approval. © Roger Dubuis Bi-Retrograde DateA remarkable interpretation of the standard date function, the bi-retrograde date calibre includes a clever jumping hand that crosses the face of the replica watch as it marks the days of the month. Days are arranged in butterfly symmetry with a date corrector carefully integrated at the 2: rado diastar diamond marking with black dial couple watch 00 position.The distinctive Roger Dubuis micro-rotor automatic winding mechanism powers this movement. © Roger Dubuis AutomaticWhile the Manufacture Roger Dubuis has demonstrated its exceptional expertise in the field of highly complicated movements , it has also developed a complete range of self-winding mechanical movements displaying the hours, minutes and seconds.Witness the latest-generation RD620 and RD622 calibres, self-winding mechanical movements equipped �?like the RD77 movement before them �?with a micro-rotor that has become a Roger Dubuis signature. Like all Roger Dubuis calibres, these self-winding movements are stamped with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. © Roger Dubuis

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